Thursday, 30 Jun 2022

Website promotion – Getting traffic to your Website

Website promotion - Getting traffic to your Website

Your site is overgrown with unique quality pages, you spent hours, days, weeks, and months writing that killer content but there are not enough visitors?

And not really grow? Is there a PR-1-2? or TIC 10 or not 10?

This is correct because you get links from trust sites and pre follow blogs manually.

Or not?

Have you purchased X-Rumer or Allsubmitter, or maybe a bug, and even with site databases?

Then this post is not for you.

And I recommend UK web hosting services to everyone else either to purchase these programs (by the way, they are sometimes raffled off on SEO forums as prizes) or to view the run services as soon as possible?

Links to which I will throw in this post and choose the best option for myself.

By the way, some of these services allow you to promote your site for FREE within the framework of ongoing promotions.

Some hold such promotions in a quid pro quo mode – they are run by CEOs.


What the CEO doesn’t need backlinks?

I do not know much.

So webmasters, here is a list of site run services:

Seofind – run through site directories, 3 tariff plans.

For the cheapest of them, TIC-10, I run this blog online 65% or 960 catalogs have already run.

I will write about the results later.

Seoretail runs service wherever possible – in RSS directories, message boards, site directories, registration and leaving backlinks in trust sites, the same in forums and blogs.

For owners of SEO blogs, blogs about programming and making money on the Internet, design, and others, it is possible to run through site directories, trust sites and forums, or social bookmarks for free (as I understand it, for a post or mini-review, probably), hmm we are 1 link for TIC with PR is not a pity)).

The author has already sent a request to which the admin replied that they are not being banished yet (well, at least without manners), but will continue this business from September 1st.

If you don’t understand the hint, read it again very carefully.

UHUHU – registration in directories (not great – I don’t even want to write and eat better).

Qwsa is a service for mass publishing in blogs and microblogs (the author seemed quite suspicious since the domain is 3 years old and there are no such links to it at all, except for as much as 6 from Twitter – I get more in a month).

In addition, the statistics are completely hidden.

One message from 1 cent.

Service for automatic posting to forums, blogs, guestbooks, social, bookmarks, article directories, site directories.

The author also raised serious suspicions about the quality of such runs, the main databases have not been updated for a year, and some more!

And visitors are not particularly observed there, although the prices are pretty democratic.

Also all kinds of runs plus manual registration on Trusts.

There is an opportunity to drive for free (in theory), but how, in practice, the author of this post has not yet been able to figure out 3 days ago, he asked the administrator on the forum, and in response, there is still silence

1PS – the old service (1997) four tariffs for registration on-site catalogs the prices are high, but they write that the database contains 12,266 Runet catalogs (there is enough on the go).

Run through directories, social bookmarks, static trust sites and blog comments, payment by Webmoney

Bases for Khrumka + its rent + servers for it + ordering individual bases + running Khrumkoy! In short, some kind of Khrumka service.

Regmonster – Service for registration in catalogs and social bookmarks (I did not like the expensive 140 Russian catalogs of 39 North American dollars and for social bookmarks, it is better to use the same BPoster or Gloster)

Services for adding to bookmarks (moreover, once you register and pay for VIP on B or PRO on G Poster account, you will receive a lifetime login and password-key, and you can ban B-192, G-133 of social bookmarking services.

The price is either VIP or PRO approximately the same B-595 rubles., G-600 rubles.

What are good about these posters is the ability to drive all pages of your sites across all accounts to all bookmarks, and when new posts are released, add them to bookmarks as well.

That is to say, reusable for any site.

And in the end, the news from Yankee, a little upsetting for Internet entrepreneurs – the PayPal payment system denied information about the start of accepting payments in Russia and Ukraine back in September 2011.

According to their press service: “In the latest version of the payment system’s tariff policy, which will come into force on September 24, Russia and Ukraine were included in the list of countries where payments are accepted by mistake.”

And then all the dregs, about the long delivery of goods and other nonsense, and that the error will be corrected…